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Flintknapping Tips, Articles And Tutorials
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This is a compilation of articles found on the Internet by Michael Lynn jam packed with 257 pages of great information! . A big thanks to him for putting this all together into one place for folks to learn more about this amazing hobby. You can download it or request a CD copy from us at cost. It is in a "PDF" file format. You will need "Acrobat Reader" to view the file on your computer. If your PC does not have "Acrobat Reader".
     Flint Knapping:
     2nd Edition
     Compiled/Edited by Michael Lynn

     Dedicated to all those who have taught someone else about the art of flint knapping, especially to my primary teachers – Bruce Boda, Tim Dillard, Mike McGrath and Steve Nissly. This is my attempt to pay forward. © Michael Lynn, 2010
     Although the copyrights to the individual articles and tutorials in this Ebook belong to the authors, I have copyrighted this collection. It may be freely printed, copied, posted on the Internet and otherwise distributed as long as said distribution is free and appropriate credit is given to me and the authors. This Ebook may not be sold for profit.

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