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Pressure Flakers

Pressure Flakers ...All pressure flaker tools are used setting percussion or pressure platforms, edging and notching. They can be used for virtually any type of pressure flaking. There are three versions to choose from. Click on the images to view the optional features and more info.

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Item: PF100
 Choose Features
Basic- $10.00
  Deluxe- $12.00
           Twist-Lock- $18.00

Ishi Sticks
Ishi Sticks
There are several versions of the 20" Ishi stick. Click on the images to view the special features with detailed descriptions.  Note: There are two diameters available, 7/8" and 3/4". The 3/4" is a flexible design and the 7/8" is a preference by those folks with a larger hand for a more comfortable grip. Click on the images to view the cool features and more info.

See more replacement nails.... Click Here
Item: PF99
Price Range: $20.00-37.00


     Click each image for details...

Replacement Tips & More...
Copper Nails
*20d NOTE: This size is now headless!
If you want the heads, please add a note during check-out.
                 .....10cm long x 5mm thick
     (Item # N109)    4 for $3.00
                        *...Comes standard in all our Flakers...

Size: 16d or... 9cm long x 4mm thick       (Item # N108)
   3 for $2.00
Size: 10d or... 7.5cm long x 4mm thick    (Item # N107)
   2 for $1.00
Size: 8d   or... 6.5cm long x 3mm thick    (Item # N106)    3 for $1.00
Size: 6d   or... 5cm long x 3mm thick       (Item # N105)   
4 for $1.00
Size: 5d   or... 4cm long x 3mm thick       (Item # N104)
   5 for $1.00
Size: 4d   or... 3.5cm long x 3mm thick    (Item # N103)
   5 for $1.00 
Size: 3d    or... 3.25cm long x 2mm thick (Item # N102)    7 for $1.00
Size: 2d or... 2.5cm long x 2mm thick      (Item # N101)    8 for $1.00
*This is the standard size in our pressure flakers and Ishi sticks
Item: N100
Select Nail Size

Image coming soon

Replacement Wire for Twist-Lock Pressure Flakers & Ishi Sticks These improved, specially knurled, #4 gauge wires will not slip. They are the same diameter as KN109 nails listed below. (.203) These are the best value for the Twist-Lock Tools. You can also use these in our other flakers too! See the new flaker click here...

Wires are .203 diameter x 4" long

Item # PFK109
3 for $2.00
Twist Lock Replacement nails These special nails will fit all our Twist Lock flakers and will ensure NO-SLIP performance. It is simply the N109 nails wit the heads cut off and knurled on the shanks. They are ready to use. These also may be used in any of the other flakers.
Item: KN109
Price: 4/3.00
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