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Moose is back in stock, get'em while they are here because supplies are very limited. Good Moose is difficult to obtain consistently so please accept our apologies.
Moose Billets
Large Moose Billet Short Shank 4-6" long and fairly strait Head Dia.1-5/8"-2" Average weight 1 to 1-¼" Lb.
Price:$60.00 (Item# MS104)
Large Moose Billet Long Shank 6-8" long and fairly strait Head Dia.1-5/8" to 2" Average weight 1 to 1-¼ Lb.
Price:$65.00 (Item# ML105)
Extra Large Moose Billet Long Shank 6-8" long. Some have a slight curve in shank.Head Dia. 2 to 2-1/2" Average weight 1-1/4 Lb. and up...

(Item# MLX100)
Moose Tines
Antler Tines are sold by length, not weight or thickness. If you want thin, straight or thick tines please leave a note in the comments box at the checkout process. I'll do my best to accommodate your needs and requests according to the inventory I have. Many are curved, some are straight. See photo below...

4-6 inches long  Price:$6.00
6-8 inches long  Price:$8.00
8-10 inches long  Price:$12.00
10-12 inches long  Price:$15.00

Please request straight tines if needed
and I will hand select for you!

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