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DVD Video
9 Step Knapping: Flinknapping Made Easy
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6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone!

Since the dawn of time humans have been turning rocks into tools — it's only over the last few decades that we've made it so complicated! Go back-to-basics with this simple-to-follow, easy-to-replicate reduction sequence developed by 25-year veteran knapper, Eddie Starnater. Eddie has been teaching his unique and innovative 9 Step Knapping™ process to Practical Primitive students since 2006 — allowing brand new knappers to produce usable arrow points in a single day!

Whether you are a novice knapper just getting started or someone who has been knapping for a while but are frustrated with your current results, the 9 Step Knapping™ method will have you creating beautifully shaped and thinned points in no time.

Come along for the journey as Practical Primitive's Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin break the ancient art of flintknapping down into 6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Simple Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone! (Includes Bonus Feature: Arrow Points from Bottle Bottoms)