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Safety Gear

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* For handpads, Legpads and other nessesary protective gear, go to the "Pads" page by clicking here.
safety glasses Safety Glasses
These glasses have a wrap around design with adjustable arms to fit you just right. Scratch resistant lenses are a bonus for knappers. Tip: Never wipe you glasses with your shirt or clean towel. Rinse under flowing water and dry with tissue or paper towel. Flint dust is very abrasive. Clean'em like that and they will last a very long time!

Price:$10.00 ea.(Item# S101)

safety gloves Leather Gloves
These comfortable gloves are a must for beginners. You can use them for added protection when pressure flaking, handling flint or spalling.

When pressure flaking, leather gloves must be accompanied by a proper hand pad. NEVER pressure flake with just a leather glove!

Price:$4.00 ea.(Item# S102)


















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