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Working Challenging Shapes
This DVD was created with the beginner and intermediate knapper in mind. It’s truly an important piece of the knapping puzzle.
In these 2 DVDs, Mike uses copper tools to demonstrate techniques in working square edges; turtle back humps and then takes one of the preforms to a finished point.
These are all common shapes beginning and intermediate knappers struggle with. Mike shows, in detail, the process of taking on these difficult shapes. See Mike take the mystery out of removing squared edges, cortex, build isolated platforms, edge clean up and then take you to a finished notched point.

Mike Santiago began his knapping quest in the year 2000 after finding a flint arrowhead while walking a field in northwest PA. This sparked his curiosity, which quickly evolved into a passion. Like most of us, Mike was hooked and knapped almost every day since he started. This story is ever so common. The amazement of how they were crafted thousands of years ago has developed into a challenge for many people even today.

Mike was self-taught for the most part since he had no one nearby to learn from. He later polished his skills by watching videos and continued practice.

Now he specializes in fluted points and “Flint Ridge” Ohio style points, Mike gets deep satisfaction when modern collectors marvel at his work. You can see his work at, the “Lithic Arts Journal” Vol. #1 and in the flintknapper's calendars 2005-2007.

An added bonus!
Mark Bracken, founder of “” takes you step by step on the process of billeting cut slabs. Working slabs with percussion is tricky business. Mark takes you through the process step-by-step explaining the techniques modern knappers use to work these unnatural shapes into a preform.

Produced by Mark Bracken and
Total run time of both dvd's 2 Hrs. 31 min! on DVD-R