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What you should expect from your flint dealer

By: Mark Bracken

Let your rock dealer know exactly what you want!

Do not tolerate poor quality material!

If you are not satisfied with flint from your rock dealer you should request a refund for the remaining material!

Did you get what you were expecting?

Are the spalls to thick?

Is the material flawed or cracked?

If so, contact them and request a refund for the unused material.

Flint dealers should stand behind their stone, It's as simple as that!

Keep in mind , rock dealers can not see inside their flints to be 100% positively sure of purity.

On the other hand, rock dealers who are knappers and spall their own stone should be able to guarantee a very high percentage of the material to be of good quality. After all, they should be familiar with working, trimming and heat treating the spalls.

One should expect that 90-95% of the stone you purchase should be free of problematic cracks, flaws and be properly heat treated if applicable.

Keep in mind not all flints are for everyone.
Raw unheated materials and or odd challenging shapes are poor choices for beginners.

Odd shaped spalls present high difficulty levels. They can be worked but the challenge is detrimental to the beginning knapper. Let your rock dealer know your skill level so they can select the right stone for your needs.

As you progress, your improved abilities will allow you to knap a broader spectrum of materials, shapes and grades.

Until then, new Knappers should choose quality stones with good knapability.

If you have questions or comments concerning this subject, please contact me.