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Wand Billets Or Flat Bar Billets
wand billetsMade popular by knappers in the southern states like Texas and Louisiana, these also are a proven tool with a special attribute of the user being able to "rake" the edge of the preform with the flat part of the copper bar to make fast platforms when roughing out the preform. This has an abrading affect. Accuracy is great too as you will benefit from the weight forward design. A cool tool.
Sometimes called "Paddle Billets" Larger sizes coming soon.
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  3/8" Thick
  1-1/4" Wide

  Overall length 6 - 1/2" Long
 Weight: 11.5 Oz

*Large bi-facing
*Trimming spalls
*Finish work on   large     blades

 Item# PB103

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 1/4" Thick
 1" Wide

 Overall length 5 - 1/2" Long
 Weight: 5.4 Oz

*Finish Work
*Detail work

 Item# PB102